Benefits to Enterprise WiFi

Fast, secure and reliable access to the internet is an essential part of modern day business. But, how exactly do you provide this to employees and guests? Enterprise WiFi offers a solution for businesses leaders may never even think of. With these scalable solutions, your WiFi can grow with your business. Here are just a few benefits to using enterprise WiFi in your business.

  1. Easily handle multiple users. Enterprise WiFi is designed for environments with a high demand for data. Whether it be hosting video conferences, running seminars online or ensuring hundreds of employees have smooth internet access, it does the trick.
  2. Capacity for secure guest connections. Large-scale WiFi connections are most commonly associated with office buildings. However, they are highly important for public and shared spaces as well. High traffic areas such as hotels, schools, shopping centers or even hospitals require secure WiFi access – for both staff and guests. With LayerZoom’s managed IT services, we’ll employ specific configurations that help keep guest users online.
  3. Compatible with any device. As we know, we’re far beyond the days when a desktop computer was required for internet access. From phones to tablets, laptops and more, systems can access WiFi from anywhere. Compatibility with all devices means your WiFi will never be the reason an important meeting was put on hold, or a hotel guest was disappointed with their stay.
  4. Wide signal coverage. Buildings with various floors and spaces require a WiFi connection that is fit for the layout. Enterprise WiFi has a wide signal coverage, which means no dead zones when users are moving between floors.
  5. Increased employee & customer satisfaction. Everyone expects a quality Internet connection these days – whether at the workplace or in their home. With an enterprise connection, you can ensure employees remain productive, and that customers are completely satisfied.

These few benefits are only scratching the surface of the possibilities once you upgrade to an enterprise WiFi connection. To learn more about our scalable, efficient connection solutions – contact us today.