Cisco DNA (Digital Network Architecture) Center is an all-inclusive network management platform. This software is truly considered the next step in digital evolution. It continuously gathers information from an array of sources, devices & apps, then analyzes it all to make sure the system is running securely at full performance.

DNA Center is the foundational controller and analytics platform at the heart of Cisco DNA. It’s basically the command center used for provisioning. Cisco DNA Center is a hardware & software platform offering a single interface. It strictly focuses on assurance, analytics, and automation.

There are various benefits of Cisco DNA. Just a few of these benefits include:

1. Security is #1: An intent-based network is a secure network. Cisco DNA Center detects and mitigates threats in real time. It provides constant streams of information concerning suspicious traffic patterns and behavioral anomalies. Threat alerts are then segmented and remediated.

2. Automation: Not only will you save time by using a single dashboard to oversee everything, but you can also quickly scale DNA business with intuitive workflows.
3. Assurance: Sensors everywhere, monitor, identify, and react providing real-time feedback. Cisco DNA assurance correlates sensor insights with streaming telemetry. From the main dashboard, you can do a quick health check, as well as being able to see where there are performance issues & identify the most likely cause in a matter of minutes. 

4. Extended Ecosystem: Business leaders now have the ability to integrate Cisco solutions with the new Cisco DNA Center platform. Additionally, third-party technologies can be integrated into a single operation for streamlining workflows.

5. 360-Degree Visibility: Cisco DNA Center provides a single-source epicenter of the entire network. This means total visibility across the complex hybrid architecture of each system.

6. Reduced Deployment and Provisioning Times: Deployment and provisioning is now driven by automated procedures and policies. With integrated SD-WAN tools, you can quickly accelerate remote branch deployments without the need for someone being on site.

7. Decreased Costs: Cisco DNA Center helps to ensure that your system, workloads and applications operate at optimal performance. With the reduction of manual tasks that consume labor costs, this is definitely one solution that pays for itself through greater efficiencies and productivity measures.