Cisco Firepower

Firewalls are an important part of an organization’s security. As such, LayerZoom is proud to be a Certified Cisco Partner, enabling the power to provide the best protection solutions possible.

What exactly is a Firewall?

A firewall is basically a barrier that keeps hackers from entering a business’s network and computer system. It’s a software program or hardware device that filters what flows into the system through an internet connection. It sorts through the data flow and blocks anything deemed suspicious or harmful.

Cisco Firepower Firewalls

With Cisco Firepower, businesses can centralize, integrate and simplify protection management. Team leaders can expect a more consistent experience that unifies visibility, enables automation, and strengthens defenses across systems, endpoints, cloud, and applications. These solutions help integrate technologies, migrate from other platforms, and optimize existing systems, providing the strongest possible threat protection.

  • Total visibility: See the users, hosts, applications, files, mobile devices, virtual environments, threats, and vulnerabilities that exist in your constantly changing infrastructure. You can’t protect what you can’t see.
  • Dynamic protection: Experience consistent visibility and policy enforcement for distributed and dynamic applications across the systems and workloads.
  • Real-time threat detection & remediation: Control access to your entire system, application use, and defend against known attacks.
  • Automation: The software automatically correlates security events with the vulnerabilities in your environment. It prioritizes attacks, so your team can easily see which events they need to investigate first, while also recommending protection policies to set up.
  • Easy remote deployment: Simplifies and automates on-boarding of new Cisco Secure Firewalls at remote branch offices for streamlined deployment.

Regardless of the size of an organization, firewalls are a necessity for guarding against hackers who wish to penetrate a system in order to steal information. As such, they have been a first line of defense in network protection for over 25 years. They establish the needed barrier between controlled internal systems that can be trusted, and untrusted outside sources, such as the Internet. Get in touch with our Los Angeles office today to see how your systems can get the protection they need!