Cisco Umbrella

What is Cisco Umbrella?

Cisco Umbrella offers flexible, cloud-based security when and how businesses need it. It combines multiple security functions into one solution, so you can extend protection to devices, remote users, distributed locations and more. Not only is it simple to deploy and manage, but Umbrella is the easiest way to effectively protect your users everywhere at any time in just minutes.

Cisco Umbrella Benefits

Increased security resilience: Cisco Umbrella hardens your security resilience by protecting internet access and controlling digital application usage across networks, branch offices, roaming users and more. Organizations will have the ability to protect the integrity of each and every aspect of the business, helping it to withstand unpredictable threats or changes. In turn, they will come out stronger than ever before.

Easy deployment: Even with its many capabilities, it is still relatively simple to configure and deploy. While it does take time to initially set up some of the more specific configurations, tech teams can immediately set up the basic features, including DNS and content filtering. Umbrella is easy to deploy and can start protecting your endpoints quickly.

Content filtering: Although Umbrella wasn’t specifically designed as a content filter, it works by monitoring DNS queries, so you’re able to use it as one by identifying malicious or suspected malicious domains. This functionality can be configured to prevent users from accessing other domains, even if they aren’t malicious. You can choose what to block, what can be downloaded and so much more.

Real-time threat analysis: With its proactive technology, Umbrella identifies and stops malicious command-and-control (C2) callbacks, while also allowing a way to review identified threats. Umbrella can be set up to send notifications to administrators when users access content or make requests that they shouldn’t, or even when a suspected attack is identified.

Why Cisco Umbrella?

Threats are limited to entering your system through in-office devices. Being able to detect malicious activity from users’ devices outside your physical office allows you to better protect your organization and then identify the source. When it comes to identifying and stopping suspicious and activity, Cisco Umbrella goes above and beyond. If you’re looking to enhance your security posture with a DNS filter, get in touch today.