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LayerZoom is a provider of cloud computing services for Los Angeles area mid-sized to large companies and data centers. Our approach is proactive and driven by a vision which is aligned tightly to the specific business needs of each customer. We offer end-to-end virtualization solutions. Everything from design and migration to ongoing maintenance, our team does it all.

By facilitating seamless and cost-efficient migration of applications and processes, we’re here to guide clients through the whole transformative process. First, we assess the current environment. We then work on a strategic plan of action to increase efficiency and streamline operations. With unlimited scalability potential, these digital on-demand resources offer flexibility as business needs grow. The best part is that you can now leverage your entire infrastructure by utilizing the power of a fully digital platform. Our team strives to ensure a smooth transition, with custom-made solutions to fit any organization’s requirements.

Millions of organizations world-wide already store their information through solutions. So whether you have already moved to the digital space, our team will review, assess and make necessary recommendations for optimal system performance. Our virtualization solutions utilize hosted resources to house applications and infrastructure. This helps to alleviate concerns such as power usage, cooling, hardware, and the high costs that are associated with them. It also allows the capability to have substantial amounts of storage with round the clock access. As a result, documents and files will never be sacrificed.

Trusted Cloud Computing Services

Our expert engineers will design and implement customized solutions that best fit any business requirements. With our complete online programs, business leaders can feel confident knowing their systems are in good hands. From soup to nuts, our specialists manage everything.

Simply put, digital applications enable an entire organization to access critical files from anywhere, day or night. This helps improve productivity levels and increases profits. As such, each LayerZoom customer will be able to take advantage of all the great things a fully digitized platform has to offer.

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Transition to The Cloud

Due to its convenience and increase in demand, virtual solutions now drive the majority of the changes within most companies. As long as the right processes and procedures are in place, transitioning to an online system is a breeze. In addition, by utilizing a multi-layered approach, we are able to protect all information and make sure everything is compliant and up-to-date. Just some of the many advantages include:

  • Low maintenance costs: Reduces hardware and software maintenance fees
  • Unlimited storage: Store essential data such as files, images, video, etc. in one place
  • Increased security: Advanced features to ensure information is protected at all times

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages is complete computerization. With advanced integration and automation features, workflows are created quicker, freeing up time for more critical tasks. Our ongoing and proactive maintenance keeps each business churning like a finely tuned machine.

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As we know, there are many factors to consider before moving an entire IT infrastructure online. As such, our professionals are here to help assess and formulate an ideal solution for each organization’s specific requirements. We have helped customers realize positive business and operational outcomes through web-based infrastructure and services.

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