Forescout NAC

As one of the most popular network access control (NAC) solutions on the market, the Forescout Platform provides agentless visibility, control and automated security orchestration for devices. Businesses are able to see exactly what is on their network and enforce appropriate, policy-based access controls.

Forescout’s mature NAC technology goes beyond simple device authentication to identify each and every device. It not only assess the device’s security posture and trigger remediation workflows, it also implements access control across heterogeneous systems. All this, while continuously monitoring all connected devices and automating responses when unusual behaviors or noncompliance behaviors are detected.

Forescout NAC Capabilities

  • Visibility into every IP-connected device: Discover and classify every workstation, laptop, printer, IP phone, camera, access point, IoT device, OT device, medical device and more.
  • Real-time asset inventory: Quickly build a detailed inventory of every device’s configuration and compliance state to streamline asset management.
  • Policy Enforcement: Improve protection and business uptime by preventing unauthorized, rogue and impersonating devices from connecting.
  • Zero Trust: Enforce least-privileged access based on device and user identity, device hygiene and real-time compliance status across heterogeneous infrastructures.
  • Workflow Orchestration: Choose plug-and-play integration modules or customize apps using APIs to boost protection, accelerate response and maximize ROI.
  • Much More!

Probably one of the best features of all is that Forescout doesn’t rely on agents or 802.1X. It uses a combination of 20+ passive and active techniques for granular visibility, with options to use passive-only methods for sensitive and critical infrastructure environments. Leaders gain comprehensive visibility of all devices within days, and policy-based controls are often functional within weeks.

NAC solutions provide you the visibility and control you need. With increasing access points and vulnerabilities due to IoT and BYOD, NAC helps you monitor across the board and take action to shut down access if needed. So whether driven by audit findings or a Zero Trust security strategy, we work with you to find the right solution and features for your business. Get in touch today!