How to Safely Share Files Online

The online world deals with data in quintillions per day. This includes file sharing as well. However, you simply can’t share sensitive information-containing files over ‘any’ medium. Whichever medium you select, it should be secure, reliable, and trustworthy.

With file sharing, you can share large files over an internet connection while efficiently collaborating with people worldwide. Here are some file-sharing tools that allow you to share files safely:

Dropbox is for all, whether you want to use it for business or individual purposes. Dropbox even allows you to sync your data which you can later access from your mobile and other devices. It’s file-sharing on the go. Your files will always remain encrypted to keep them protected.

Egnyte is for businesses that want complete control over every file shared outside or inside the organization. It has numerous advanced features to utilize, while also allowing them to integrate with their apps using an API.

Google Drive
Google Drive was one of the first companies to enable file sharing online. Using Google Docs, Drive allows document collaboration to the cloud. If you already have a Gmail account, you start sharing files securely.

Box is another name in the list of one of the first cloud-based file storage platforms. Individuals and businesses can use this software to keep all their files centralized and collaborate with others. You can take advantage of the free subscription for individuals or use their paid packages for enterprise purposes.

iCloud Drive
Apple never wants to stay behind and strives to release all kinds of innovations. It has released iCloud suite improvements for quick and reliable accessibility and sharing. You can also share all kinds of media and document files.

Microsoft has made many of its core business products shift to the digital world as well. Since then, the OneDrive has become a critical part of Windows OS. You can back up your data and files within folders. Also, you can download or share these files with others by sending them by email.