Next-Level Network Optimization & Wireless Networking Solutions

An organization’s technology is the engine room of its enterprise. As such, it just so happens to also be one of the biggest risks to businesses today. Our specialists help cut the risk and optimize each infrastructure accordingly. Whether it needs to be designed from the ground up, rebuilt from scratch, or just expertly tweaked, LayerZoom can help at any stage of the digital journey. We strive to provide several options to ensure each segmant is operating securely and at peak efficiency. Our professionals are available to identify potential bottlenecks or hotspots. In addition, they can benchmark the current health and utilization of the route infrastructure, peering points and routing policies, while providing trending insights that can be used for future capacity planning and analysis. A number of these optimization solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Security assessments
  • Full health check
  • Routing policy optimization
  • Load balancing solutions
  • Disaster recovery
  • WAN optimization
  • Hosting applications
  • New feature rollout
  • Product refresh
  • High availability

Modern technology teams need to dominate cabling and wiring with the same agility and automation they apply to software delivery. With expertise in virtualization, containerized function, traditional networking, and more, we are a true end-to-end, digital transformation partner.

Network Integration & Implementation

Augment and strengthen your network capacity with a range of virtualized functions to improve flexibility and scalability. With our experience in functional and non-functional testing, automation and architectures, we have tried and tested patterns for delivering customized network functions. Our highly experienced engineering team can handle:

  • Service modeling and automation of systems
  • Configuration administration and machine-driven provisioning
  • Test automation and continuous verification
  • Device upgrades and patching
  • Site reliability assessment and remediation
  • Analysis and evolution strategy
  • Proof of concept and solution evaluation

Start Your Journey By Experiencing a Better Network Engineer

Our experts utilize state-of-the art tools to assist businesses in translating existing software and routing policies to fully digital software configurations. In addition, we also help to educate in-house technical staff members in testing, migration, routing and more.

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