NSA – Why is it Important?

A network security audit (NSA) is one of the first steps to identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities of an organization’s IT protocols. While performing this audit, the complete infrastructure, management, and devices are analyzed.

During this audit, you will also review the protocols used by the organization to protect the entire infrastructure. An NSA aims to determine and eliminate vulnerabilities found while ensuring that the systems remain secure.

Why is an NSA Important?

The digital fast-paced world is making hacking and scamming even worse than before. With billions in loss, protecting information and securing systems is the top priority of every organization. NSAs play a vital role in keeping the organization safeguarded.

Either an expert can manually conduct this audit, or you can use automated network testing tools. These audits are necessary to make sure your organization is free from loopholes or software bugs that can be exploited.

In a nutshell, here’s how an NSA is performed:

  • Checking and determining all the network devices.
  • Identifying all policies and protocols.
  • Risk assessments.
  • Performing penetration tests.
  • Reporting the final findings and solutions.

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