Outlook is Getting a Makeover

The Microsoft Outlook Web Application is getting a major makeover with an update to its user interface for Office 365 users. They said they are focusing on making the OWA consistent in design across web and Windows codebases.

As a result, users will be able to better manage their inboxes and be more productive. Here are a few major updates included in the makeover:

Microsoft Loop
The new Outlook will have Microsoft Loop, an application that lets you organize, collaborate, and share your work across Teams and Outlook. Loop components (reports, reviews, lists, etc.) will always be in sync, keeping all the members updated.

Quick File Finding and Attachments
It’s common for people to add attachments to emails. What’s even more common is forgetting where the file is located. You will get a list of options by typing the @ symbol followed by the file name. However, your files must be stored in the cloud for this feature to work.

Get Reminders
If Outlook thinks you have missed an important message, it will send you an automatic reminder with an option for you to respond to it. All your critical messages will be pinned at the top of your inbox.

Introducing To-Do Lists for Messages
It’s common for us to respond to some emails after some time. This new Outlook lets you drag and drop messages into your to-do list. Ergo, you can come back and reply whenever you want. The My Day feature of Outlook also lets you drag and drop a task into your calendar. So, you can also set a reminder for that task.

Updated Calendar
The Outlook calendar feature allows the user to organize all work on one screen. Users can add files, to-do lists, goals, notes, calendars, and more to the screen board.

In Person or Remote Attendance
The new RSVP feature utilizes the hybrid culture of many social events and workplaces. Users can let others know if they will join the event virtually or in person.

These are only a few exciting new features included in the makeover of Outlook. Make sure you use them all!