Palo Alto Endpoint Protection

Get industry-leading endpoint protection without bogging down endpoints with constant scans or slowing down system performance. The cloud-based Palo Alto Security platform starts protecting your endpoints immediately without requiring a reboot. Palo Alto software safeguards endpoints with best-in-class NGAV, device control, disk encryption, host firewall and more.

What exactly is Endpoint Encryption?

The encryption process helps encode data to make it unusable and unreadable to prying eyes unless the user has its decryption key. Endpoint encryption protects the operating system from installing Evil Maid attacks and locks files stored on devices, servers, and other endpoints to prevent unauthorized users from accessing information. In addition, endpoint encryption provides several cybersecurity solutions, no matter what circumstances occur or how an attacker gains physical access to your devices. In short, the attacker won’t be able to install malware or retrieve information from your device.

Why use Endpoint Encryption?

Malware Defense: The Full-Stack Encryption system controls the whole device and its data. So, without the password, a user can’t access or decrypt anything on the device. This ensures no malicious code or content is added to your devices.

Security: Endpoint encryption aims to block breaches or leaks from unauthorized personnel. An endpoint encrypted device makes it impossible for an attacker to access internal information even if they have access to the physical device.

Regulatory Compliance: Integrating endpoint encryption on devices that contain classified information and files can help achieve compliance.

Palo Alto software helps block and eliminate known and unknown malware with AI-powered security that continuously evolves to stop new attacks. With AI-driven local analysis and up-to-date machine learning models, attacks on any system don’t stand a chance. Block sophisticated threats with the end-to-end protection you need.