Security Scanning

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Spot & Neutralize Vulnerabilities
Identify potential threats, pinpoint them
and securitize exposures.  With our
penetration testing platform we can
quickly reduce your risks and
secure your network.
Locate & Prevent Attacks
Problem detection and rapid response
to prevent a breach before it happens.
We detect intruders, halt them in
their tracks and trace the source of
the threat immediately.
Improve Overall Security
Our certified network engineers will
perform a network and security
assessment. Our IT specialist will
review your entire network design and
IT infrastructure.

penetration-test-internal  Internal Pen Test

As hackers get more sophisticated,
intranets and internal IT assets
have become more vulnerable. We will
make sure that your data is safe and
without latency issues.

penetration-test-external  External Pen Test

LayerZoom will evaluate any external
vulnerabilities and web-based systems
that could be exploited by a hacker
and compromise your company’s private

How Does a Penetration Test Work?

We outsmart hackers before they strike. By deploying a “simulated hack” we can identify all weak points
in your IT infrastructure. Our sophisticated software platform will scan for malware and potential threats.  Your
cyber security strategy is more important than ever and we’d like to help secure your assets BEFORE they get attacked.

“Every battle is won before it’s ever fought” – Sun Tzu, Military Strategist and Philosopher