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We specialize in maintaining & enhancing company IT departments

LayerZoom takes great pride and is passionate about assessing, maintaining, securing, and optimizing IT infrastructures and departments. Our consultants use a holistic approach to identify areas for improvement and address the challenges of your network and infrastructure. With a clear roadmap in place, we will help you prioritize and implement your business, networking, and operational requirements. We provide a full range of services from strategy and assessment to design and deployment, and ongoing monitoring and management.

Professional Services – Consulting

LayerZoom will take the time to objectively listen and understand your current operations and business needs. We will provide you with the peace of mind that your operations are in fact optimized, or will make recommendations and suggest the appropriate changes, new processes, equipment and software. Our two decades of experience guarantees you the optimal path from strategy to successful implementation.

Cyber Security and Compliance

There is nothing more critical than ensuring your network security is four steps ahead of current and future threats. LayerZoom cyber security consultants will take on your security from both the attacker and defender perspectives in protecting your networks, computer systems, and software programs. The importance of uncovering the weaknesses and proactively strengthening systems to prevent hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities cannot be overstated.

Network Optimization

We are unsurpassed experts in design, implementation and maintenance of computer networks. We oversee every aspect of your entire network to ensure optimum productivity and performance. LayerZoom consultants will meet with your network engineers to discuss networking requirements. We will assess and review your network performance and security. After careful analysis, we will make recommendations, if needed, for better functionality and cost effectiveness. Post implementation, we will conduct a comprehensive review and testing of the network and certify network functionality and performance.

Data Center

As with our other areas of expertise, LayerZoom consultants understand that each business is unique and requires a customized strategy for their critical data processing equipment. We perform a complete facility assessment. Consultants work closely with clients to ensure a unique design plan that considers your unique business objectives, fiscal constraints, long-term goals and IT growth model for hardware equipment. This allows LayerZoom a roadmap and plan for building a reliable, scalable and appropriately sized data center that is the most efficient and effective in housing critical data processing equipment.

Cloud Services

Whether or not you have already moved to the cloud, LayerZoom will review, assess and recommend for optimization. Cloud computing uses hosted resources to house your applications and infrastructure. This frees you from IT infrastructure concerns such as power usage, cooling, hardware, and the costs that go with them. Our experts will design and implement a solution that best fits your unique business needs.


Placing applications and operating systems onto a virtual machine, or an emulation of a hardware-based computer system or server is a well-established and universal way to optimize an organizations network and infrastructure. LayerZoom experts consult with businesses on the best use of virtualization, factoring in current and future IT configuration, staffing, and projected growth, among other variables.

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