What is Azure?

You may be wondering what exactly Azure is and if it can be beneficial to your business. Here at LayerZoom, we specialize in optimizing your IT services for high-end performance. One of the many solutions we provide is Azure Management Services (AMS). AMS is a subscription solution that continuously monitors, improves, and optimizes your Azure infrastructure for architecture, best practices, optimal performance, security, and cost. It functions as a virtual machine and is a reliable, secure, and scalable way to publish, consume and handle APIs running on the Microsoft Azure platform. Not only that, but it also ensures optimal performance of the APIs, tracks and enforces usage, authentication, and more.

AMS Overview

AMS Console allows customers, partners and developers to use all the benefits of AMS through a user-friendly browser. Users can easily operate their APIs, plan quotas, submit tickets and more. They can track usage and invoice details across all their set-up APIs. It is a cost-effective option for those who are looking to utilize the Microsoft Azure platforms.

Is AMS right for your business?

Here are just some of the many benefits of AMS.

Service monitoring. Because it can be difficult to maintain a continuous overview of daily operations, Azure uses simplified logs and dashboards to monitor the status of all resources.

Financial monitoring. Monitoring helps to predict expenses, detect irregularities early on, and regulate optimization processes in a targeted manner. Additionally, procurement and control requirements are fulfilled, such as the allocation of costs across projects or cost centers.

Azure Governance Assessments. The cloud requires certain rules, but once they’ve been implemented, they’re quickly forgotten. Rule infractions are detected at an early stage with the aid of a continual governance assessment, and appropriate adjustments can be made more efficiently as a result.

Operational tasks. Systems still need to be patched, software updated, and event logs maintained in a typical IaaS scenario.

Azure Automation. Automating processes is an elemental part of our daily lives. Doing things quickly and efficiently with the least amount of effort is desirable for all individuals and businesses alike. Azure Automation offers customers easy access to automation tools, and it provides the necessary automation to implement a company-wide cloud.

Subscription Management. Subscriptions, as a financial and justifying framework in Azure, must be kept up to date. Before the subscription is made available, various initial settings, such as establishing connections, must be completed. This can be done centrally, maintained and reported on.

Backup and Disaster Recovery. Azure provides the ability to create point in time copies of storage for backup. It also allows customers to restore data from these backups to a separate Azure storage account.

We can help set everything up for you and walk you through every step along the way. With years of experience in this industry, we have the confidence to get you wherever you need to go.