What is Cisco Meraki?

Cisco Meraki is a market-leading cloud-controlled networking solution, offering all sized businesses high-quality connectivity equipment. All of this, along with comprehensive control and management accessible from a single dashboard.

Cisco Meraki has changed how the industry thinks about online connectivity. This state-of-the-art digital architecture provides safe, scalable, secure, and easy-to-implement solutions you can access from anywhere. Not only that, but you can use any device and access the web-based dashboard and mobile device application on-the-go.

Their first main products were cloud-based access points. However, they have produced a variety of other products since they began, which include:

  • Meraki Dashboard – an enterprise-grade online solution.
  • MR Product Line – Outdoor and indoor access points, containing built-in Bluetooth low energy and threat alerts.
  • MX Product Line – Easy to use switching, routing, remote access, and wireless features.
  • Stackable L2 and L3 – Switches with inventive features enabled by the advanced architecture.
  • Much more!

With unparalleled control and visibility, Meraki access points offers:

  • Group apps that prioritize, block, or restrict traffic, and create bandwidth limits.
  • Metrics including duration, capture rate, repeat visits, and duration of a user or device.
  • Structure and the ability to implement group policies that can be applied to any user or device.
  • Detection, prevention, and neutralization of potential wireless threats with the help of a built-in wireless intrusion prevention software.

With its highly scalable, one-step plug-in deployment, Cisco Meraki’s devices also offer firewalls, web caching, content filtering, intrusion prevention, intelligent WAN with 4G failover and more. The MX architecture further provides an extensive range of security features, including IPS, antivirus and anti-phishing initiatives, location-IP-based framework, and VPN connectivity, all without compromising performance.